Back to Basics, Windows Edition,  3 of 3, Installing DS4 / Genesis Content!

If you've read this far, you should have a good idea of what to expect.  However, installing content differs from installing a plugin.  The DAZ installers are "Smart" installers.  That doesn't mean they're magic, but it does mean that they know when you're trying to install to an invalid location and other interesting things like that.  However, they're not full proof as we'll see later...

To start with, like always, simply double click the installer package in Windows Explorer and the content installer setup screen should appear.... As usual, we have a nice welcome screen that we get to click [Next] to go past...

8-18-2011 8-34-00 PM.png

You will immediately be prompted to accept the license agreement.  Please read the agreement, change the (Radial Button) next to "I Accept the Agreement" and click the [Next] button.  It's always good to know what you're agreeing to, so you might want to read it at least once before clicking [Next].

8-18-2011 8-34-26 PM.png

Now, here is where I deviate from the "Recommended" path.  I always choose the (Radio Button) next to "Customize Installation.  I do this because I am a control freak and I like to be absolutely certain where things are going... Customizing the installation gives me that control.  So that's what we're going to do here... Click [Next] after you've selected the appropriate (Radio Button).

8-18-2011 8-34-41 PM.png

And again, here, control is the issue... I don't want to chose from a pre-defined list, I want to manually specify where the content goes, so, click the (Radio button) next to "Specify an installation path".  Remember back during the DS4 install when I told you that you would need to remember where the DS4 Default content installed to?  Now's just about the time to have that information handy.  Click [Next] to continue...

8-18-2011 8-34-54 PM.png

In the resulting window, click the little folder icon to the right of the "Installation Path" dialog.  That gives you this popup, where you can browse to the right location.  By default, the right location is C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library.  Click the [OK] button to finish browsing...

8-18-2011 8-35-14 PM.png

After we've selected the path, you can see it below...  When you're certain it is correct, click [Next] to continue.

8-18-2011 8-35-26 PM.png

Now the installer is just about ready, but we have a few more questions to answer.  The first question, is do you want to create an uninstaller?  Many people often say NO... and then when they need to update content, have to go through this process again and select YES, only to turn around and uninstall so they can THEN install the new version!  Phew!  That's a lot of work!  Creating an uninstaller from the beginning while it may seem like it creates clutter can save you some headache in the future.  All in all the option is yours, but since this is my tutorial, we're going to click on the [Check Box] next to Create Uninstaller.  Now we have some various shortcut options... Normally I, personally, uncheck these as I don't feel the need for clutter, however, the option is yours and I show them checked here for reference.  Click [Next] to accomplish all this and continue the install.

8-18-2011 8-35-40 PM.png

Next we have the traditional, look what we are about to do summary page.  You'll see where your content will be installed... Click [Next] to continue.

8-18-2011 8-36-03 PM.png

Now you get your standard progress bar...

8-18-2011 8-36-15 PM.png

And we're pretty much done!  You can View the ReadMe which may contain vital information on using the content you just installed, by leaving the [Check Box] next to View ReadMe selected.  Click [Finish] to see the read me and exit the installer.

8-18-2011 8-36-24 PM.png